Sufficient thermal insulation with PVC frames?

Chassis companies have seen their technologies grow over time, including PVC chassis. Thanks to the technological evolutions, important improvements were able to see the day. Today, PVC frames promise high quality thermal insulation.

Thermal insulation of PVC

In addition to protection against noise and weather, PVC frames can also protect you from cold and dust. How? With the help of an outer seal serving as the first buffer.

Note that in addition to offering a very comfortable thermal insulation, it also allows superior sound insulation.

What is the Uw value?

This Uw value is the thermal insulation value of your entire frame and glazing. The value Uw of a good window is between 1.3 and 0.8.

The Ug value represents, for its part, the insulation coefficient of the glazing which is used. It can vary from 1.1 to 0.5. A triple glazed chassis is at 0.5 while a performance double is 1.1.

The Uf value takes the insulation coefficient of your used profile.

  1. Which windows should I choose for good sound insulation?

Whether in town or in the country, noise and noise can quickly become a major cause of discomfort or even damage to your health. Between the noise caused by noisy neighbors, that of the road that passes in front of your house or air traffic, you are never quiet anymore? Consider changing your windows for better sound insulation.

If the sound insulation of your home has to be thought of as a whole (walls, doors, chimneys and windows), the glazing is of crucial importance.

Wood, PVC or aluminum?

In general, it is estimated that the heavier the chassis, the more it isolates against noise. Between PVC, aluminum and wood, the latter is the heaviest and will be the most insulating. However, PVC frames and aluminum frames are very suitable too.

Are delivery charges included in the final price?

Gabor-Rainbow provides free delivery within a radius of 30km around Liège in case your total order can be transported by our vehicle. Otherwise, for all other types of need we will invoice the delivery with a price calculated according to the distance to be traveled, the weight and the size of your order.

I live on the 4th floor, am I delivered to the foot of the door of my apartment?

Your parcel will be deposited on the ground floor at the foot of the door of your building. If you want a delivery upstairs, we can take care of it by charging you this service extra.

For all other questions, thank you for contacting us by email, the Gabor Rainbow team will answer you as soon as possible.